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Tiki Trucking offers primarily for-hire trucking, as well as private carrier services.  Tiki Trucking is especially utilized in the construction industry, facilitating the continual growth of the Central and South Texas region.  Tiki Trucking Serves three different markets; commercial, residential, and infrastructure development.  Tiki Trucking provides services to general contractors, construction companies, and material suppliers.


- End Dumps - 1/2 round

- End Dumps - Lightweight

- Belly Dumps 

- "Super Dumps"

- Multi-Axle Dump Trucks

- Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

- Truck(s) w/ Driver(s) Hourly

- Tankers

- Flatbeds 


- Import/Export Services

- Asphalt

- Road Base

- Select Fill

- Sand & Sandy Loam

- Rock & Gravel

- Rip Rap

Cement & Fly Ash

Need help with your material?  We will assist you in locating, acquiring and delivery of any specialized material your project requires.

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